I'm a bit frustrated...

Lately, I have often thought about closing this blog.
Now I get no comments anymore, although I have about 1400 visitors every day.
This is really frustrating.
Do you like this blog?
What do you like? And what not?
Should this blog continue to exist?
Tell me what you think!
There will be no posts till Sunday.
Then again, I can think about and hopefully read comments from you.

Thank ya!

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  1. i love your blog specially fetish part.
    but the language is not english i found comment section hardly. wish you best

  2. 1. Ja ich mag diesen Blog
    2. Er soll so bleiben wie er ist, denn so ist er perfekt.
    Habe Bislang nichts vergleichbares gesehen im großen Inet.
    3. Macht bitte weiter.

    Und allg.: Was stellst du dir denn für Kommentare vor. Ich persönliche wüsste nicht was ich jeden Abend als Kommentar schreiben sollte.
    LG :-)

  3. Ich möchte nicht dass du jeden Abend 'nen Kommentar schreibst (würde ich selbst ja auch nicht). Aber wenn dir irgendein Bild oder Video besonders gut gefällt wwürde ich das gern wissen wollen, umso besser kann ich auf die Geschmäcker eingehen.

    I don't want you to comment every evening. But if you like a pic or a video really much, so please tell me. so I can do my best to respond to tastes.

    Thank you!
    Danke für Deinen Kommentar!

  4. Thank ya for ya comment! I've changed language to english.

  5. I have visited quite a few blogs. By far, I have found your blog to be the very best. I mean your layout and selections is better than many pay sites out there. I really think you certainly should continue doing the blog. 1400 visitors is a day is remarkable showing of how well you have done. One of my favorites is the Black and Latin thing you do.

  6. Thank you for all the compliments. I wanted to continue "Black & Latin Weeks"

  7. I visit your blog everyday and love the photos. Don't stop just because we're quiet.

  8. it's really coool blog .. sorry for no comments here :( .. is really great and a lot of fresh hot guys there :)

    love it :) thx for taking the time to do this :)

  9. love this blog look at it everyday!!

  10. I also visit your blog daily. I hesitate to comment each day because it would be the same comment each time. You have a great blog and your time and efforts (and taste in guys) is very apparent. Your decision is up to you. I hope that the few comments today will make it apparent that we appreciate your time and efforts.

  11. haha well commenting would take away from the fact that i log on to jack off lol

  12. This is a very good and safe blog, as you have never been affected by google's closing of gay themed blogs.

    Keep up the good work.

  13. Thank ya all the whole comments!!!

    @Sean: PBB had been closed by Google in August 2009. After an half year at thumblogger, I've moved back to Google.

  14. I LOVE your blog, sexy Gamba! I know what you mean about comments, they ebb and flow. But please don't sop!

    XO FFB

  15. I visit your blog every morning to start out my day. I'd miss it terribly. I don't comment on anything, usually, just quietly browsing, but I didn't want you to think you were unappreciated. Wayne

  16. One of the better sites I have found on the net! Must say that the variety of photos is really a turn on!! But I have a problem with the down loads sometimes!! Keep up the great work PLEASE....!!!

  17. @FFB Thank ya! And keep on bloggin'

    @Wayne Nice to read that PBB is the first you enjoy every day!

    @Marius It takes much time to collect and sort the pictures. I hope it's a good variation in good quality. And I hope you've mentioned that I've moved to FileFactory. In future I'll host downloads only there. Step by step.




  19. Ey Gumba! The pictures are of a very good quality!! Like I've said this is a very good site!! You are going through a lot of trouble and time for us, and we appreciate it whole lot!! Thanks buddy!!

  20. Thank you all for these constructive words!

  21. Hello,
    Although I do not post comments usually I like very much your blog, it is one of the best !! It is incredible how many pictures you post ! Thank you !!

  22. Never knew i could leave a comment cool, Love what you do and the time you spend on this blog. Please keep up the good work.

  23. I visit your blog almost every day and I've found very nice vids, especially those from your 'amateurs'. Your blog is also friendly, it is easy to downloads the vids I like. But, yes, but, the colors to the left, mentioning all the departments are wrong, I have trouble to read the text, because it is darkpurple on black. That you should change and improve your blog. I should have written this in German, but my German is too pour to write in. So, continue, you still have 1400 visitors a day.

    Herzliche grusen aus Amsterdam!

  24. I visit your blog a few times a week, when I have the time. Your blog is friendly, it is easy to download your vids (free but I don't mind waiting) I like your amateurvids very much. You are doiing well with 1400 visiters a day. One thiing: change the color purple in the left list into a color that is easier to see against a black background AND bring those vids from last year with South American boys, such high quality and such sexy men. Lots of succes from Amsterdam.

  25. Thank ya Anonymous from Amsterdam. In the next time, I want to change some things on the layout (like colours etc.)

  26. Please, never stop posting! This is the best gay blog ever! Congratulations!